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Keventers comeback story: From 19th Century Vintage Dairy Brand to Mega Milkshake Empire

Coming 2019, Goa will become the fifth city with the most of Keventers outlets coming short only to Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Keventers – an inheritance mark known for its milkshakes – goes back to 1924 when Swedish dairy technologist, Edward Keventers, got controlled over the Aligarh dairy, changed over it into an eponymous dairy production line in India and transformed it into a profitable business.

He in the long run went ahead to set up a few units in various parts of the nation, including Calcutta, Darjeeling, and Delhi. In 1925, he built up a dairy in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri region. At the point when Eward Keventers passed away in 1946, the dairy went to his nephew, Werner Keventers. In 1960, after the passing of Werner, the dairy plant was acquired by the Dalmia Group.

In 2015, Agastya (Dalmia’s grandson) and his partners Aman Arora and Hospitality expert and consultant Sohrab Sitaram, chose to revamp, restructured and reintroduce the brand, giving it another makeover. They opened their first outlet in South Delhi and that denoted the rise of the new Keventers era.

As indicated by CEO and Director, Keventers, Sohrab Sitaram, “We saw the brand had colossal potential as in there was no competition when it came to milkshakes. The business model itself was extremely scalable and could reach 1,000 outlets in all easily and this really excited us.We completed an underlying trial and saw that it was adored by everybody. A noteworthy explanation for the patch up was that Keventers held a to a great degree vintage and nostalgic esteem.”

Keventers, up till at that point, was a brand known and recollected by Gen-X or by our grandfathers. The test was to set up a brand awarness campaign and review the product among the Gen-Y. Because of a considerable measure of Western impacts, regardless of whether Gen-Y would value the vintage value of Keventers.

The other test was taking a few to get back some composure of the conventional formula Keventers had. It was a test as a great deal of the first formula made had passed away and following it down was an undertaking in itself. In any case, the brand figured out how to discover them at last.

Today the brand clocks in an average sale of Rs 1,20,000 per day and targeting to launch 8 to 10 franchises per month.

Plan of action

Keventers has 77 outlets altogether out of which 6 are organization possessed and rest are franchisees. The brand had embraced establishment show as the mode to extend the brand nearness the nation over and all the while make a specialty classification vis-à- vis milkshakes.

“The brand has likewise attempted to make differentiations on branding,, packaging and bundling with regards to global models, while keeping alluring valuing offering customers an extraordinary milkshake in their famous glass bottles,” said Sitaram.

Every single new outlet by Keventers will be under an ace establishment display wherein they have outsourced pitching rights to one noteworthy market player and given them authorization to open up outlets over that particular city.

“We have likewise sold ace franchisees on a pan India level and nations, for example, Kenya, United States and Nepal. In the coming couple of months Keventers will see more nations joining,” said Sitaram.

He additionally included, “We work an excellent Keventers model which costs between Rs 16-30 lakh relying upon the size. With a large number of advertising and retail systems, we are set to set up itself as the most loved milkshake brand of India. Our vision being whether anybody thinks about a milkshake in any side of the world, it must be Keventers.”

Unique Selling Proposition

The brand has a high nostalgic esteem and vintage value. The saint of the brand is outdated exemplary Keventers bottles. It advanced into being utilized by the general population to do fun things and turned into an authority’s thing in itself. Be that as it may, the center focal point of the brand – milkshake – stayed in place.

Sitaram stated, “The Milk bottle experienced a radical change. The old DMS bottle was made sleeker with cursive thrive and textual style of the logo alongside the expression “Since 1925″ imprinted on it and the slogan ‘The Original Milkshake’ shows up at the base. Wistfulness, outdated and legacy were the qualities the brand concentrated on to fabricate a high review an incentive in the market, and accordingly the product design was an essential part of the promoting methodology.”

On Competition

The organization that had the income of Rs 4 crore last financial year and is hoping to clock Rs 28 crore this financial is watching out for the competition like Amul, Verka and Coca-Cola and taking counter measures.

“We’re a solid Indian brand that has been the best in the business since the earliest reference point. Likewise, Keventers situating is somewhat more premium than these brand,” said Sitaram.

Keventers has a wide target group of onlookers that incorporates all ages and it focuses on all parts of the nation whether it is Tier I, II or III.

As Keventers has a wide target audiences, the pricing ranges from Rs 99 – Rs 200.


Keventers had opened 77 outlets last financial year and hopes to open a sum of 300 outlets by February 2018.

“We are developing exponentially as a brand and we will open new outlets crosswise over India and a few different nations. Greater part of the outstation tasks will take after the course of diversifying. This is essentially to encourage and exploit the nearby learning, business patterns, showcasing and productivity in counsel with our neighborhood accomplice who has taken the ace franchisee,” said Sitaram.

He additionally included, “The following stage in retail fragment is to set up our a reliable balance in the universal market. We have effectively opened an outlet in Nepal and finished a couple of stores in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania in the African market. Furthermore, we want to get into the distributor ship market via our milk – cow’s milk to be specific followed by the flavoured milkshake business where the milkshakes will also be sold off retail outlets and will have a shelf life of 3 months.”

The brand is additionally investigating every last niche and corner of India on national front and globally Kenya – Nairobi, California state USA, Kathmandu – Nepal, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is likewise in talks that it will open outlets in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Scandinavian area alongside Singapore.

To extend the brand further, Keventers will spend Rs 10 crore this year which the organization will secure all through internal accruals.

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