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Chennai based Startup Roanuz Launches AI-powered Chatbot To Answer Cricket Queries

Indian start-up unveils new Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot application to answer complex cricketing inquiries.

Chennai based AI startup Roanuz has propelled an AI-controlled chatbot or virtual assistant, called Cricket Bot API, to offer you replies on cricket inquiries. The virtual voice assistant is controlled by cutting edge setting mindful conversational capacities and can react in 300 milliseconds.

One can ask basic and also complex inquiries or questions to the AI-controlled chatbot and can find or get in response instant answers or querries solved. Inquiries like ‘When Dhoni is playing next match?’ or ‘What number of matches has South Africa won while playing at home? ‘ are a few cases of inquiries that can be asked to the chatbot.

This AI-fueled virtual assistant, modified to give context-relevant answers in both voice and text, is capable of executing near-real-time exchange, increase user self-service efficiency and deliver smooth conversational customer experiences.

The bot tends to a comprehensive arrangement of data, from live and recorded information on matches to player and team details. The information canny API covers data identified with all ICC Men’s International matches from 2012, Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, Pakistan Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, Ram Slam T20 Challenge, Tamil Nadu Premier League, Karnataka Premier League, Women’s T20I Tri-Series, Kenyan Premier League until date, Champions League T20 and Big Bash League to give some examples.

“Having a wide scope of applicable data, the bot can react to various themes, for example, player profile, latest matches, latest fixtures, player versus Team, Team versus Team and live updates,” clarifies Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder and CEO, Roanuz.

The group at Roanuz has prepared more than 1.2 million balls (12,15,814 to be correct) as of not long ago, which implies the API has been encouraged with around 5-million records as a contribution for the bot to answer questions identified with cutting edge cricket. This stand-out clever bot with systematic capacities is taking around 1,500 milliseconds to react at present, and this time is required to minimize to 300 milliseconds.

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