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Amul launches Tru; Enters Rs 1,100 crore Indian Packaged Fruit Juice segment

Amul launches Tru; Enters Rs 1,100 crore Indian Packaged Fruit Juice segment

Amul, the Indian dairy giant had made its entry into the packaged food juices segment by launching ‘Tru’ in collaboration with Almond Branding for end to end brand building, packaging design and communication design. Under the new Brand ‘Tru’, Amul, a true leader in the dairy products and synonymous with “Taste of India” now introduces fruit juices in four flavors – Mango, Orange, Apple and Lychee and is priced at Rs.10 for a 200ml bottle.

Almond Branding used its proprietary Brand Nomenclature tools to come up with a number of Brand Names that synchronize with the category and appeal to the new age consumer. Within a short period of time and new brand under Amul’s stable was discovered, called Tru. The name goes well with the ethos of the brand Amul of being ‘superior quality’ and ‘trustworthy’.

As if you see the way they had positioned the brand, Almond delved deep into understanding the associations that consumers have with the fruit juices and the beverages category at large. For some it was a mood energizer or energy booster, for others it was a casual drink or a tool to build relationships and for yet others, it was a reflection of their attitude. The intention was to identify the space Amul can own. Fruit Nutrition, that’s true to the core – was the most important reason identified by Almond Branding as to why the consumer will buy the brand and eventually like it.

Amul fruit juices will have transparent labels to the PET bottles where the fruit beverage inside the bottle will easily visible. Also, as the product is priced at Rs 10 for a 200 ml bottle, the design language of the brand was kept simple yet catchy to attract the attention of youths.

Saswata Das, Founder Director, Almond Branding said, “The fruit beverage market is already cluttered with a plethora of players. We had to make Amul’s entry eventful so that it quickly wins the hearts of consumers. The Brand Name we coined does just that. The Brand name TRU is short, catchy, easy to recall, easily extendable and also has a good sound value. Surprisingly, there was no brief from Amul’s end except that they sent us the actual product samples and left the onus completely on us to create a brand around it. That was the best challenge thrown at us! Sipping over these juices, the team at Almond would brainstorm for hours to identify the Big Idea and the core thought for the new Brand being created. The best part of working with Amul – they treat us as equal partners in brand development. They lay trust in our expertise in the Branding & Design arena and show full faith to go with our suggestions and design solutions proposed. We truly get to work on it as our own brand – like real brand custodians.”

Almond Branding which has been associated with Amul for over more than 10 years now. Almond has been the main reason behind all major beverage launches last year like Amul Kadhai Doodh, Haldi Doodh, Gur Doodh, and Amul Milkshakes. Almond had also been the strategic branding & design partner for Amul’s foray into mocktails with Amul Irish Drink and Amul Pina Colada.

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