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Bengaluru-based Nano-tech Startup Log 9 Invents CoronaOven to Kill Viruses & Disinfect Surfaces

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Bengaluru headquartered nanotechnology startup Log 9 Materials has created CoronaOven, a sterilization chamber that eliminates microbes and infections on objects utilizing ultraviolet radiation light.

The compact gadget, with a 20-liter volume, takes a shot at the rule of UV germicidal illumination and is explicitly intended to murder COVID-19 or novel coronavirus, the organization said in an announcement. It professes to utilize UV with a frequency of 235.7 nm to murder infections from a wide range of surfaces. Not exclusively does the CoronaOven give exact and fundamental vitality by means of multi-central UVC radiation on each point on the outside of an article to be sterilized, yet additionally ensures 100% decimation of the coronavirus and other hurtful microorganisms.

It is an adaptable and financially savvy arrangement that worked with effectively accessible materials and is as easy to use as a typical microwave.

Bright germicidal illumination is the way toward slaughtering microorganisms utilizing UV light and is utilized in research facilities and mechanical settings to disinfect hardware.

Log 9 Materials, Bangalore, has created a UV-C light oven considered the CoronaOven that can be utilized to clean food things, PPE, covers and so on. Log 9 Material is yet to get a patent for its gadget.

“Not exclusively does the CoronaOven give exact and important vitality by means of multifocal UVC radiation on each point on the outside of an article to be sterilized, yet in addition ensures 100% obliteration of the coronavirus and other destructive microorganisms. It is an adaptable and practical arrangement worked with effectively accessible materials, and is as easy to use as an ordinary microwave,” Akshay Singhal Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Log 9 Materials said.

CoronaOven is recorded by Log 9 Materials on the Indian Government E-marketplace portal and is relied upon to before long be marketed for a huge scope, the organization said.

A few new businesses in India are attempting to discover speedy answers to battle the pandemic. The Action COVID-19 Team (ACT), set up by the Indian startup network has so far supported seven such new businesses.

Marico Innovation Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) division of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) major Marico, has additionally offered an award of Rs 2.5 crore to new companies that can create practical gear for the recognition and treatment of COVID-19.

This isn’t the first run through Log 9 has begun a social effect activity. In June a year ago, the organization skimmed a newly formed subsidiary called Log 9 Spill Containment concentrated on clean-tech items for overseeing and cleaning spillage of synthetic substances and hydrocarbon-based fluids in water bodies.

In October 2019, the organization had brought about $3.5 million up in a Series A financing round from Sequoia Capital India’s accelerator programme Surge and Exfinity Venture Partners.

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