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OyeKidhar Launches App to Live Track Food, Courier Delivery, School & Office Transport

OyeKidhar is a convenient application for you, on the off chance that you go for work/gatherings, have a driver, if your children pass by the school transport and on the off chance that you get your requests conveyed home.

The OyeKidhar app is free to download from the Playstore, has no annoying advertisements and is completely automated. You can also visit Oyekidhar website here., a Mumbai based startup as of late revealed its conveyance applications to help individuals live-track sustenance conveyance from the nearby eatery. No more Oye Kidhar hai!

Presenting the Free OyeKidhar applications, a nuanced point of view of how we can live-track say, kids going by the school transport, our office drive, or an essential conveyance being finished. It can likewise be utilized to track little children when they are out of our sight.

The OyeKidhar application is allowed to download from the Playstore, has no irritating ads and is totally mechanized, subsequently simple to utilize. All you should do is open the application and every one of the general population who have appointed you to track them alongside every one of the vehicles allocated for you to track (individual autos, bicycles, taxicabs, school transports, sustenance conveyance and office drive) will fly up for the time you are approved to track them on the guide.

At OyeKidhar, your security is considered important and you must be followed when you approve the following.

The OyeKidhar application, likewise has a cluster of convenient and wellbeing highlights included. For instance, warnings when you arrange a feast or get a dispatch – there is no vagueness if the bundle has left for conveyance; you can live track the package till your entryway chime rings.

OyeKidhar arrangements are exceptionally moderate and valuable for organizations that handle coordinations from schools, eateries who convey dinners home, corporate drive, individuals in the dispatch vertical, and so forth., as OyeKidhar arrangements help the organizations to manage(including live following) their benefits.

Free trials of the OyeKidhar conveyance application are accessible for Restaurants, Groceries and different stores that attempt home conveyances. You can associate with the OyeKidhar group to attempt their conveyance and coordinations arrangements anyplace in India and on the off chance that you are fulfilled then keep utilizing the Oyekidhar arrangements., needs that your business concentrates on its center exercises and you don’t invest energy and cash noting approaches the status of your administrations.

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