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Vodafone Introduces SuperWiFi, India’s 1st Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity Specially For Businesses

In this time of WiFi and remote associations, it is a shock, that greater part of Indian workplaces and corporate set-ups still depend on age-old LAN based network for giving Internet get to. At the point when another office is built up, this mind boggling labyrinth of wires and modems are the main thing which framework heads concentrate on.

Understanding this hole, Vodafone’s business administrations has propelled a novel undertaking focussed WiFi administrations, called Vodafone SuperWifi.

What’s more, along these lines, it has turned into India’s first endeavor level WiFi as a Service stage, which guarantees finish control and concentrates on profitability. This stage can be sent crosswise over workplaces, instructive grounds, retail locations, stockrooms, processing plants, doctor’s facilities, and so forth.

Around 7.5 million clients are at this moment utilizing versatility administrations from Vodafone Business Services, which primarily serves undertakings, SMEs and Govt. foundations.

To help and change Indian undertaking into prepared organizations, Vodafone has presented Vodafone SuperWiFi, the nation’s first venture Wi-Fi arrange as an administration by an Indian telecom administrator.

Vodafone’s SuperWiFi is a completely overseen Wi-Fi benefit for an undertaking that offers bound together, rapid and solid remote system access to representatives, visitors, and clients over their destinations and areas with 24 x 7 remote checking and administration. It likewise gives secure remote network to enhance client encounter and guarantee more prominent adaptability and portability for workers and visitors.

In India, associations will give a protected, fast, consistent remote system experience to their representatives and clients for the adaptability to stay associated on gadgets of their decision. “With business operations moving on the web on cell phones, associations are executing distinctive computerized activities around client engagement, promoting computerization, and operational effectiveness,” says Vodafone.

“Rapid, minimal effort, oversaw Wi-Fi system is regularly at the establishment of such computerized activities by little, medium and expansive associations,” claims Vodafone.

Best of all, the Vodafone SuperWiFi can be immediately sent by little, medium, and extensive undertakings crosswise over workplaces, instructive grounds, retail locations, distribution centers, plants, healing facility, and so on. Vodafone’s point is to furnish associations with fast Wi-Fi organize involvement with insignificant costs forthright and unified control of system strategy at different areas.

Anil Philip, Sr. VP, Products – Vodafone Business Services, stated, “With Vodafone SuperWifi, business clients can expect unmatched adaptability, adaptability, security and unwavering quality from their Wi-Fi. Likewise, they have guaranteed an unrivaled remote affair, less the difficulties of obtaining, arranging, overseeing and overhauling that accompanied a run of the mill non-oversaw Wi-Fi setup.”

Additionally, the Vodafone SuperWiFi benefit offers a web based detailing and examination entry, by which organizations can get Wi-Fi investigation on system execution, use and applications to help organizations take the correct IT and showcasing related choices.

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