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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launches ‘GST Rates Finder’ Mobile App to help users verify GST Rates

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has propelled a portable application ‘GST Rates Finder’ to help any individual who has obtained a footwear or has been billed by a restaurant or hotel to cross verify the correctness of the rate of GST charged.

“This portable application causes clients to discover rates of GST for different products and ventures. It can be downloaded on any smart phone and can work in disconnected mode, once downloaded. The client can decide the GST rate for Goods and Services by entering the name or part heading of the product or Services,” the Finance Ministry said in an announcement.

The application, which is presently accessible and compatible on android platform, will soon be accessible on iOS platform as well.

The search result will list all the goods and services containing the name which was typed in the search box.The client can look down the rundown of portrayal and when a particular thing on the rundown is clicked, the show window will fly up, containing points of interest, for example, GST rate, depiction of products or services and the section heading of the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN).

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has additionally given a GST rate discoverer on its entryway to enable the citizens to know the material GST rate on their provisions of products and services.

A citizen can scan for material Central GST, State GST, Union Territory GST rate and Compensation Cess on a supply.The search can be made based on description of goods or services or HSN chapter or section or heading number.

“These are meant to fill in as a prepared reckoner on GST rates. This will enable the citizens, as well as each resident of the country, to learn the right GST rate on products and services,” it said.

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