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Hewlett Packard (HP) enters 3D Printing Technology Sector in India

Enterprise Technology Giant HP Inc. has presented its 3D printing innovation solutions in India, just about one year after its worldwide debut for the same.

As indicated by The leading newspapaer, HP has framed organizations with Mumbai-based Imaginarium and Noida-based Adroitec to offer its 3D printing technology solutions in the nation.

Sumeer Chandra, managing director, HP Inc. India, told in a press release that advanced change of assembling will be a key empowering agent for the following modern industrial revolution in India.

Chandra additionally disclosed that 3D Printing will add to democratizing manufacturing, transforming industries and small Indian ventures, including the $6 trillion Asia-Pacific and Japan manufacturing segment. “India is a vital center for this noteworthy move and we are eager to bring the bleeding edge Multi Jet Fusion innovation to Indian clients over an assortment of vertical markets.”

In May 2016, the organization had revealed its first generation prepared business 3D printing framework in association with Nike and BMW to disrupt manufacturing solutions. As indicated by the organization, the HP Jet Fusion 3D printing arrangement reforms plan, prototyping and assembling, and conveys better quality physical parts up than 10 times speedier and at a large portion of the cost of current 3D print frameworks.

In November 2017, it had extended its 3D printing portfolio by presenting the Jet Fusion 3D 4210 printing arrangement. “Intended for mechanical scale 3D fabricating situations, the new arrangement altogether brings down general working expenses while expanding generation volume abilities, raising the “break-even point” for large scale 3D manufacturing to up to 110,000 parts and empowering the business’ most reduced cost-per-part by up to 65% not as much as other 3D printing techniques,” the organization had said in an announcement.

HP has likewise joined forces with Siemens to propel 3D printing for product enhancement, development and industrial production by creating a unique software logistics for HP’s 3D printing solutions.

Hewlett Packard said that it will purely focus its 3D printing solutions and seriously concentrate in the areas of advanced robotics, aerospace engineering, higher education labs, defence, automobiles and healthcare sectors.

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