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40% Indian Youths in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar have No Idea or Clueless about Govt’s ‘Start-up India’

40% Indian Youths in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar have No Idea or Clueless about Govt’s ‘Start-up India’

40 per cent of Ahmedabad’s Youth are Clueless about ‘Start-up India’ Scheme.

A recent survey and report led by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) employees expresses that around 40% indian youth in urban communities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have no idea or clue about ‘Start-up India’, one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most goal-oriented initiated and activities launched in 2016.

The survey study results comes on occasion when business enterprise and entrepreneurship boom is viewed as riding high the nation over and both central and state governments are urging students and undergraduates to accompany new businesses by sorting out startup yatras and other high profile business events.

Titled as “Factors affecting entrepreneurial inclination among undergraduate students in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar cities”, the survey study revealed that while 59.7% of the total 491 respondents were aware or having knowledge of Startup India campaign, 40.3% responded in the negative or have no idea of it.

Besides this ignorance and lack of knowledge, narrow minded mentality of parents also come out to be the one of primary reason for keeping youths away from entrepreneurial activities and discorage them as out of the total 491 respondents, 38.1% of them stated that knowledge or education of management is very key aspect and crucial than starting one’s own business, while according to 2.6% respondent parents entrepreneurship is least important or not requred. Respondents who were neutral towards entrepreneurship are 27.7% and ONLY 24.2% stated that it was most important whereas 7.3% respondents stated that it was somewhat important.

As indicated by 41.5% undergraduates, their family and parents did not urge them or motivate them to begin their own business or startup. Anyway on a more splendid side there were students whose guardians roused them to do as such. As per 36.3% students, their dad spurred, while 16.1% understudies said that it was their mom who roused them.

On the opposite side, 26% of respondents said they were not keen on beginning their very own endeavor.

Respondents when asked whether they were keen on beginning their very own endeavor, 45.21% of 491 respondents replied in positive though 25.46% of them reacted in negative.

According to principal investigator of the study, Viral Pandya, “Entrepreneurship and startups are the most important vehicles for acceleration of economic activities and job creation. With this objective the research was conducted among undergraduate students of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar to identify factors affecting the entrepreneurial inclination. The relationship between entrepreneurial inclinations is gender neutral.”

“Both male and female students demonstrated tendency towards business enterprise and entrepreneurship. Students relationship and exposure with enterprise related exercises in colleges doesn’t improve the probability of beginning their own business. Motivation from role models affects the inclination of youth towards entrepreneurship,” he said.

At the point when an aggregate of 491 respondents were inquired as to whether financing/beginning venture assumes an imperative job in settling on the choice to begin one’s own business, 37.5% of them said that it was essential, 27.5% of them kept up an unbiased perspective towards it, 22.8% expressed that it was vital, 9% of them expressed that it was to some degree critical while 3.3% of them expressed that it was the minimum vital factor in starting one’s business.

As indicated by Rahul Bhagchandani, acting CEO of Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council, “If 60% to 70% students know about Startup India, it is a decent number and it is expanding. With respect to, most undergraduates have time after scholastic’s to look for information about business enterprise and channelize their thoughts.”

Other than GNLU, an another Gujarat-based organization, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), had uncovered in its report this year that just 5% of Indians proceeded to set up their very own business or new businesses, which is among the most reduced rates on the planet. Moreover, business discontinuation in India is among the highest in the world at 26.4%.

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