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ChaiPoint: India’s largest Tea Retail Chain to Chai-on-Call Delivery Service in 30 mins

“What we’re attempting to do is to make a brand around chai. There’s a considerable measure of cash in building coffee chains, however generally the numbers demonstrate that the utilization of chai is 10 times more than that of the utilization of coffee,” says Sandesh C, Chief Operating officer at Chai Point. “Chai is such an even minded market, to the point that you can go anyplace, that you can get chai anywhere, which is a level of convenience you already have. Chai as a refreshment has been devoured by numerous, and will be the drink of decision for some more,” he said. You can order your chai at:

Chai Point’s main slogan, ‘India keeps running on Chai’, is obviously on the cash with an expected 911 million kilograms of chai expended in 2013 – 2014 . Chai Point, driven by CEO Amuleek Singh, at present serves chai in Bangalore and the NCR area through their 60+ stores and Chai on Call conveyance benefit. They as of late led the third release of the occasion called Chai Masters at their MG Road branch in Bangalore.

“We have more than 300 employees in our framework out of which 70-80 really make the chai, while the rest are store managers, store supervisors, delivery boys, service staff and so on. At Chai Masters we’ve called some awesome judges who enable us to pick the main three chai brewers from our own staff over the 60 stores. Aside from this we likewise have assessments for different parts, for example, store supervisors and delivery boys,” clarifies Amuleek. The victors of the occasion are granted shields, awards and testaments, exhibited by the CEO. The occasion is additionally utilized as a chance to grandstand new innovation and products created by Chai Point.

Chai @ Work, a huge piece of Chai Point’s business, is an administration where they provide food specifically to service more than 50 huge corporate firms and numerous more medium and small medium enterprises. Bigger corporate workplaces and business parks are adjusted by scaled down stores and stores on the premises, while the smaller firms are catered to by either large vending machines of chai or their smaller heat-retaining disposable flasks. Offices can even subscribe for regular deliveries using the Chai Point app. The deliveries are delivered completely by 100 per cent electric bikes.

“Chai as an item is extremely basic. We don’t offer 30-40 assortments of chai. In the event that you gaze toward our menu you’ll see we have around six assortments of hot chai and five assortments of frosty chai, and the volume originates from them. Individuals need to have a straightforward masala chai, ginger chai or lemon chai. We’ve kept it extremely straightforward on the item side,” clarifies Sandesh. As Chai Point hopes to grow in different urban areas, for example, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai, they think about whether they have to mess with their center: Dum chai, Ginger chai, Masala chai and Lemon chai. “We took similar formulas to Delhi and they’ve worked delightfully. With regards to assortments Hyderabad has its Sulaimani chai which is essentially a lemon chai variation. I think our center four can cover the necessities of any area. What we may need to play around with are the levels of masala or ginger in a glass. I question we’ll need to re-build the menus for every district,” says Sandesh. “Be that as it may, we will continue chipping away at imaginative things like the Masala Chai Latte,” he includes.

A major test of overseeing of 60+ stores crosswise over two areas, with development in three more urban areas on the guide, is keeping up consistency in taste, quality and administration. “You need to scale a quality glass of chai, and a great deal of diligent work goes doing that. That is the thing that the center of Chai Masters is. We have judges to make sense of why the taste may fluctuate and to monitor worthy levels of varieties,” notices Amuleek. Aside from keeping up a similar formula crosswise over stores and preparing every brewer a similar way, the fixings should be the same to look after consistency. “The focal fixing is tea, and we have control over that fixing. We have one single provider for Bangalore and Delhi, we make our own mix, we have quality control checks set up and we have a tea admonitory board which supports the mix. A similar mix is transported to Delhi and Bangalore, and will be sent to every single other area once we arrive,” clarifies Yaduvir Singh, head of store network at Chai Point. “The drain is sourced from a similar dairy organization in both urban areas. We get altered packs of sugar from one provider which is then transported to each store. Our whole store network framework is exceptionally unified so we can keep up control over every one of the fixings,” says Yaduvir.

On the off chance that you favor a nibble with your chai the stores now offer an in-house brand of bundled snacks, for example, muesli, nuts, yoga bars and bread rolls, under the name Made for Chai alongside the standard samosas and banana cakes. “We are additionally propelling our own particular scope of great tea leaves, called Starship, which will be accessible in some of our stores. A considerable measure of our clients are getting to be plainly delicate towards tasting fine teas rather than the typical assortments,” says Amuleek.

The organization has fabricated its own particular cloud-based programming stage called Shark which associates the purpose of offer, inventory network, worker administration, conveyance framework, reviewing and so forth in one place. “We offer around 70,000 glasses of chai a day, and we trust we can make it 700,000. To achieve that sort of scale will require a world class IT framework to have the capacity to truly adapt on the exchanges. We have 7,000 clients utilizing the prepaid card on versatile and approximately 23,000 clients utilizing the physical prepaid cards. This implies we can order the utilization designs for near 30,000 clients a day. Our capacity to utilize this understanding can truly help enhance our administration and operational productivity,” clarifies Amuleek.

The insides of each store have been intended to be present day and utilitarian with constrained solace, similarly as one anticipates from a brisk administration eatery. “Every one of our stores are worked around the way that the client needs a quick and speedy involvement with awesome chai. We comprehend that working individuals have around 15 minutes, so we have standing tables that consider snappy discussion,” clarifies Sandesh. Then again, be that as it may, the store at Cunningham Road in Bangalore dons a touch of extravagance. “At whatever point we get the open door, we will play around with the store organization to get a feeling of what works relying upon the area. The store configuration needs to continue developing,” he includes.

“Picking land is truly vital. Every one of the urban communities that we have focused on are work center points in their individual locales, as Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderbad, and so on. The approach that we run with when we move into another city is that we ought to have the capacity to all the while open five stores in ranges of high cubicle laborer fixation,” uncovers Amuleek. For a store in a corporate center point, the math around how much chai could offer is less demanding to break when contrasted with figuring the potential deals for a store on a road area. “We need to distinguish grapple focuses like workplaces, schools and universities, doctor’s facilities, transport terminals, and so forth. In order to deliver on our promise of a great tasting cup of Chai, we source the highest quality tea from tea estates around the country to give you the best brews.

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