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Habibganj India’s 1st World Class Private Railway Station, with 5-Star Hotel & Multi-specialty Hospital

The detail plan is already finalized and out,from the looks of it, India’s first private railroad station will be an one of its kind.

5-star Luxurious Hotel, multi-speciality hospital facility and significantly more would be incorporated into this first since railway station to be created under Public-Private Partnership show (PPP) at Habibganj, close Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.

The outcome from this special examination will decide considerably more for the railways since this is their most aggressive ever push for non-toll incomes.

Bhopal-based Bansal Group has been given the leasing rights of the whole Habibganj Railway station for a time of 8 years, other than getting a 45-year rent for 4 more land plots , which would be produced and improved for creating incomes for Indian railways.

According to preparatory reports, Bansal Group will contribute Rs 100 crore to create and redesign the 37-year-old railroad station and put Rs 350 crore in building up the other 4 adjoining land parcels around the railway station.

Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) managing director and CEO S.K. Lohia stated, “The administration of the Habibganj railway station was given to the Bansal Group on March 1, 2017. They will be dealing with every one of the offices at the station like Canteens, food stalls, resting rooms, control rooms, platform mantainence and also parking.

A portion of the arrangements which have been shared by Bansal Group in regards to enhancement and adaptation of the land and railway station:

Habibganj railway station would be produced as a world-class travel center point

Focal concourse with pleasantries for waiting train passengers.

Isolation of the railroad travelers, in light of entries and takeoffs (like in the airplane terminals)

Fueled by solar powered energy.

6 lifts, 11 elevators, 3 travelators, 2 underpasses measuring 4 meters each to arrive travelers

Parking spot for 300 autos, 850 bikes, rickshaws, taxicabs and transports

Two office cum shopping complex will be created in the primary stage

Multi Specialty Hospital with 24 hours Ambulance service and 5-star Hotels with Modern restaurants and lounges to be created in the second stage

In the event of crisis, the whole complex would be abandoned in 4 minutes; and everybody can reach assigned safe areas in 6 minutes

Aggregate of 17,245 sqm of railway land would be financially produced for adaptation

The entire venture is a noteworthy piece of Indian Railways’ push for creating more incomes through non-admission mediums. In the time of April, we had announced about the privatization of the trains, and railroad stations and the procedure has now begun.

For this Habibganj extend, the whole work process would be observed by Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC), which is an uncommon reason vehicle made by railway unit Ircon International Ltd (IRCON) and Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA).

Their lone goal is to build incomes while using land and railway stations claimed by Indian Railways. Ebb and flow West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has initially presented this idea in 2009-10, which was then properly planned and now on its stage for its implementation.

Habibganj railway station venture is the begin of modernization and improvement of more than 400 A1 and A classification rail route stations, crosswise over India. At this moment, IRSDC is attempted similar activities crosswise over Anand Vihar (Delhi), Bijwasan (Delhi), Chandigarh, Surat (Gujarat), Mohali (Punjab) and Gandhinagar (Gujarat).

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