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CavinKare launches Perfumes In Sachet Form Under Its Spinz Brand

CavinKare launches Perfumes In Sachet Form Under Its Spinz Brand

​Indian FMCG giant CavinKare has recently unveiled the country’s first branded sachet perfume under its flagship brand ‘Spinz’, with a goal to create high-cost perfume affordable to the rural segment.

Spinz will be available in two fragrances. Fast moving consumer goods firm CavinKare launched premium perfume in sachet under its flagship personal care brand Spinz.

“Sachet perfume is a revolutionary product that is much needed in a market like India.

‘Innovative packaging’

“The innovation behind packing perfume as a one-time usage product in a sachet form will bring a sea change in the FMCG industry,” said Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, director and CEO – personal care and alliances.

Curated with no stain formula, this single use pack (2 ML sachet) is available in two fragrances — Purple Blast and Blue Magic — that also contain deo actives.

Spinz perfume is priced at ₹3 and will primarily launched in two states West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh as the company had strong foothold and penetration in those States. Following It will be rolled out in Tamil Nadu in the next three to four months and lastly on a pan india level.

“The rural segment contributes nearly 40-45% of total revenue to the FMCG industry.

“The revival of rural demand and increase in rural consumer appetite has given greater scope for introduction of newer products and innovations,” Mr. Vijayaraghavan added.

CavinKare is one of India’s leading brands in the personal care space with shampoo brands like Chik, Nyle, and Meera, as well as fairness cream brand Fairever and deodorant and talc brand Spinz.

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