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UAE Cosmetics Brand Barkha Beauty Set To Enter Indian Cosmetic Market

UAE Cosmetics Brand Barkha Beauty Set To Enter Indian Cosmetic Market

The United Arab Emirates based beauty brand, Barkha Beauty, the brainchild of Barkha Shewakramani is set to foray into Indian Cosmetic Market with an exclusive makeup line.

The brand is a major players in paraben and cruelty-free cosmetics and now its goal is to launch its makeup line for the Indian market. In a statement the company said that the makeup line will include a range of matte lipsticks for skin tones ranging from very light to dark and to suit every palette.

The legacy and ethics of the brand is to provide a range of high quality products at affordable prices and to provide women with a high pigment/all-in-one face product which can act as a concealer and foundation providing maximum coverage with minimum amount of product.

The liquid matte lipsticks have been developed by Barka Shewakramani, a Dubai-based fashion and beauty icon who is recognized for her latest modern exclusive designs and her philanthropy

The products are manufactured in Europe and the brand has plans to extend the range to include concealers, blushers and bronzers.

Barkha Beauty, a brand by Barkha Shewakramani, is good to go to raid into India with a selective cosmetics line. Barkha has long stretches of involvement in extravagance, way of life and design. She brings her important skill and style to give a curated cosmetics line.Barkha Beauty grasps fluid matte lipsticks, made by Barkha Shewakramani, supplementing skin tones from light to dim, to suit each sense of taste.

The brand centers around ladies with an enthusiasm for excellence and healthy skin. It has the vision to get in contact all around with her cosmetic products.

Barkha Beauty will before long be presenting a scope of natural line of products attributable to the rich Indian heritage and legacy.

The main motivation of starting Barkha own beauty line came from the fact that she has always been very fond and passionate about make up and kept hunting for the perfect foundation for her beautiful face.

Barkha Shewakramani the Dubai-based Indian fashion and beauty mogul is venerated for her fashion-forward designs and above all her philanthropic stand.

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